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About Us

Santa Cruz Performing Arts (SCPA) is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to provide classes, programs, and events where individuals can develop skills in music, dance, and theater, thereby fostering self-esteem and an appreciation of the arts.

If you have nothing else to do please read this timeline of activities and history…

September 2008
SCPA files articles of incorporation with the state of California while continuing to work on state and federal 501(c)3 nonprofit applications. Officers of the board include Robin Macomber as president/ CEO, Karen Bradshaw as treasurer/CFO, and Jennifer Andrews as secretary.

September 2008 – March 2009
Working with a sympathetic property manager, SCPA works to fulfill its mission by offering low cost rehearsal space to rock bands, dance groups, and the Be in Your Own Band music program. Kathryn Gestri voted in as director on the Board of Directors.

February 2009
State and Federal 501(c)3 applications completed and submitted.

March 2009
A change in property management brings to an end over six months of successful SCPA operations at the Dascom building. Generous donations on the part of the Bradshaw family, and Dennis Morrison complete the organization’s professional sound and lighting systems.

April 2009
On April 7, 2009 Santa Cruz Performing Arts receives its confirmation of tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization from the IRS. All donations and revenue are tax exempt retroactive to the date of incorporation.

In response to the freezing of budgets for state school music programs, SCPA volunteers Nat Schultz and Robin Macomber create custom music arrangements for the Mission Hill Middle School choir. SCPA makes plans to provide sound, stage management, and entertainment for the first annual Mavericks Art and Food Fair.

David Nordgren becomes the Be in Your Own Band music programs newest teacher, taking over the B40 Middle School class for Renée Solano.

Santa Cruz Performing Arts moves to the Digital Media Factory at 2809 Mission St. on the Westside.

Working with Fit Flix, a local producer of fitness oriented DVDs and exercise products, SCPA arranged an audition for local talent with the goal of providing employment for dancers in upcoming Fit Flix productions. In spite of a lead time of only four days, the audition was a success providing immediate and substantial employment for dancers in Santa Cruz while reducing production costs for Fit Flix. A very special thanks to the Digital Media Factory for hosting the audition, and providing an opportunity for SCPA to further its mission.