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Be In Your Own Band performance

The Be in Your Own Band music program is a class that teaches drummers, singers guitar, bass, and keyboard players how to rehearse and perform together in a band. Almost any instrument can be accommodated with permission from the instructor. Class covers song structure, rehearsal and performance skills in addition to songwriting and music theory. It is offered at six different locations throughout Santa Cruz County, and has been in operation for over eight years. Private classes and adult classes are also available.

Some experience is required: guitar and bass players should be able to tune their instruments and find notes on the neck. Drummers must be able to play a basic consistent beat. Keyboard players may need to bring their own keyboard, and must know names of chords and notes on their instrument if they cannot read music. Class covers song structure, rehearsal and performance skills in addition to some reading, songwriting, and music theory. A list of cover songs selected from student suggestions is chosen in the first few weeks of each 10 week session. We then learn to play the songs from music charts (staff and tablature) provided by the instructor, with every student required to sign up for at least 3 songs (more are strongly encouraged!). Original compositions are also accepted. A live performance open to families and friends wraps up the session. Students who play more than one instrument or wish to experiment with vocals are generally encouraged to do so.

Come with your formed band or as an individual looking for a group playing experience. Please specify your primary instrument when registering. Drum kit and amplification for guitar, bass, are provided in addition to PA systems for key’s and vocals. Bring your own instrument, cable, tuner and sticks as applicable.

Please Note: This class may not be appropriate for beginning musicians. Any questions about requirements or conditions call Robin Macomber at (831) 345-5224 or email robin@beinyourownband.com.