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stage show practice


The SCPA Theatre Program specializes in bringing the Broadway classics to life with full productions and affordable classes year round. Children are immersed in the world of theatre and learn the art of singing, acting and improvisation. The SCPA Theatre Program provides an interactive sanctuary where students of all ages will develop their performance and communication skills, as well as build character and self esteem. Our
program prides itself on building self confidence that is exhibited in the performances and daily lives of our students.


What other people are saying

“Hi Ben, During this play, I watched my daughter, Alli, squatting on the ground, watching as many scenes as possible. To see the joy and awe on her face is priceless. I don’t know how to explain the differences in Alli since she started the play. She walks with more confidence, and views life in a different light. I now understand the play commitment and how it is a life changing experience for the children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ben. I appreciate all you do for these children and what a significant role you have played in their life. Much love,”— Michele Sherer

“Dear Ben, Seyla loved working with you in Holiday Harmony and I so loved witnessing her in such a loving environment expressing herself from her heart! Thank you.”— Syama

“Bravo Benjammin, You do an awwwwwesome job! As I am a neophyte to Cats I am unable to shake these songs from my head. I go to sleep with a Cats hook in my head and then wake up to a Cats hook. The cast has found its way into my psyche. Thank you for another profound production. Sincerely,”— Scott