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 CATS - ages 6-16


Jellicle Cats come out tonight! Enroll your young performer for our main-stage production of CATS, premiering in May at the SC County Veterans Memorial Building. With so many great roles for ages 6-16, CATS has something for every one! All who audition will be cast.  A minimum of 15 hours of parent volunteer participation is required.  Classes/Production run from Sunday, March 20th through Sunday, May 22nd, see details below:

Sunday March 20th – Parent Orientation & Audition Workshop/Rehearsal

March 22nd thru May 8th
Tues/Thurs 4pm – 6pm
Sun 1pm – 4pm

May 9th thru May 19th
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 4pm – 6pm
Sun 1pm-4pm

Friday, May 20th – 7pm
Saturday, May 21st – 2pm and 7pm
Sunday, May 22nd – 2pm

Location: Santa Cruz Veterans Memorial Building

Instructors: Ben Jammin, Kiyoko Whiteside, and Zoe Refsnider

Tuition: $400 – sibling discounts available

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“If you know of anyone else who might benefit from performing-arts training, feel free to invite them on our FaceBook event page: ”

This all-dance show’s action is set on a gigantic rubbish dump which, after dark, becomes alive with cats of all types, shapes and sizes. Soon there are cats all over the place, including the auditorium, gathering for the Jellicle Ball during which one cat will be selected by the Jellicle Leader and allotted an extra precious life. It is the former glamour cat, Grizabella – turned disheveled outcast who, at the end of the evening, is chosen by Deuteronomy to receive the prized additional life.

It’s the night of the Jellicle Ball. The cat clan has gathered for the annual event at which the revered elder Old Deuteronomy chooses the most deserving cat to ascend with him for a heavenly reward. The cats have gathered, and one by one, we learn about their personalities, exactly as T. S. Eliot portrayed them in his book of poems. Jennyanydots, Cassandra, Bombalurina, and Jellylorum are the first to strut their stuff. They welcome Rum Turn Tugger, a rock-star-idol type of cat, creating just the right mood for the arrival of Grizabella, the Glamour Cat. She is an aging beauty who has roamed some of the lowest alleys.

The younger felines mock and avoid her. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, two mischievous, fun-loving cats, provide a light moment before Old Deuteronomy arrives and sets a more serious tone for the ball. Barred from the festivities, Grizabella reflects on her memory of happier times and the new life that could be ahead. Also on the sidelines, Gus the Theatre Cat finds fault with the lack of dedication he perceives in today’s actors and reminisces about some of his finest roles. In Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat, we find great pride and commitment in doing the relatively small job of keeping a single train on schedule. Macavity, the “fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity,” is talked about in hushed voices. “Was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffelees?” Yes, and much to the delight of all he bursts upon the scene. Still it is Grizabella that demonstrates the greatest depth of character and need. She is chosen to accompany Old Deuteronomy on this year’s accession “up, up, up, past the Russell Hotel. Up, up, up to the Heaviside layer.”

Before their departure Old Deuteronomy summarizes Eliot’s lifelong passion for paralleling catlike names and attributes to people he had observed:

“You’ve heard of several kinds of cat, And my opinion now is that You should need no interpreter To understand our character. You’ve learned enough to take the view That cats are very much like you.”

  Wizard of OZ Summer Camp - ages 6-16

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The theme of SCPA’s Summer Camp this year, is “Oz”, and on Monday-Friday for two weeks, campers will work under the instruction of professional theatrical and visual artists on an original review featuring their favorite songs from The Wiz, Wicked, and The Wizard of Oz!

Students participate in acting exercises, improv games, dance rehearsals, and art lessons that complement the production and let students explore the themes and images of The Wizard of Oz through movement and the creation of paintings, as well as props to be used in the final production.

SCPA’s premier Summer Camp fuses dynamic art forms by producing fun and imaginative theater for all ages, educating the next generation of artists. Summer Camp ends with a recital performance on the last day for friends and family.

JUNE 13–24 from 9:30-1:00 - Santa Cruz
JULY 1122 from 11:30-3:00  -  Aptos

June Location: Santa Cruz – Louden Nelson Community Center

Tuition $250 – sibling discounts available

Instructors: Ben Jammin, Kate Pratt

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